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Chantal Fayad

I am Chantal Fayad, a 23 years old Lebanese scientist. I obtained my master’s degree in “Biological sciences” from the Lebanese American University-Lebanon and my undergraduate studies were done at the Lebanese University, a three years’ program in "Life and Earth Sciences". Through my previous studies and experience, I was able to gain a lot of knowledge in the field of biology and this has proven to me how much I enjoy being present in the stimulating research environment. Subsequently following a PhD, my deep routed goals are to set up myself as an academic researcher, to be engaged in notable research which will positively impact the future of science and in time to spread the knowledge I gain to the following generation of students.

My Research Interests

Biology is the scientific study of life and a wide field of science. I love finding out more about life and the being of living things. In general, I find myself interested in cellular and molecular Biology and every related topic. I am absorbed in deciphering cells and tissues’ function, structure and behavior in normal cases as well as in diseases. In addition, studying the role of certain receptors or proteins in specific mechanisms and their differential expression and impact in case of diseases is of a big interest for me. Moreover, genetics also interests me and it is an important branch in biology because heredity is vital to organisms' evolution. I like knowing and trying all laboratory techniques and experiments in my work, but I did not have the chance to do so, so I aim to learn all new skills specifically animal experimentation which is widely used in science. My scientific inspiration is derived from the simple enjoyment of thinking, understanding and finding things out. Revealing scientific discoveries is a big satisfaction since it leads to updated results and opens doors to new questions. Furthermore, conducting research these past two years especially in Lebanon, due to Covid-19, economic crisis and lack of ressources, was not easy at all, and this provided me with patience and furthered my experience and enthusiasm in this field. 

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