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Chemistry Students


Communication and dissemination

The main objectives of WP 6 are:

  • to disseminate and promote the knowledge generated during the CHANGE project to all stakeholders, including, but not limited to the scientific community, regulatory agencies, industry, non-profit organization for patients and patient/citizen groups, schools and the general public,

  • to facilitate communication, data sharing and peer mentorship between the project’s DCs by building a “social media” style communication portal dedicated to the project,

  • to set up a web platform to support a comprehensive mentoring network for the project’s DCs, including mentorship, webinars and training from the academic and non-academic partners

  • to generate a framework for electronic communication and dissemination by building an informative project website, and a password protected portal for secure internal communication.

Lead beneficiaries: Newcastle University and University of Pavia


  • all partners

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