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Project management

WP7 aims to ensure that the project progresses in compliance with the work plan and produces timely and quality results. It will include all activities required to provide the most efficient set-up and coordination of the work while assuring the best quality of the planned outcomes (incl. deliverables, milestones, training and recruitment). This comprises all managerial and administrative tasks (incl. reporting activities to the EC) as well as the technical coordination (incl. data and risk management), while also overseeing both the training and recruitment processes across all sites. WP7 will also aim to define and implement processes of protection and management of knowledge and intellectual property assets as generated by the consortium, including:

  • network management and coordination,

  • implementation of the Network Boards, 

  • recruitment management oversight,

  • maintaining a safe and reliable ethics and integrity framework,

  • definition and implementation of the CHANGE data management plan,

  • IPR and knowledge management,

  • gender equity and diversity monitoring.

Lead beneficiary: University of Pavia


  • all partners

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