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DC 9
João Pinheiro

Olá! My name is João Pinheiro and I come from a small city in the border of Portugal and later went to study to Lisbon in search of a better environment to develop myself. Due to my love of Biology, Physics and Mathematics, I did an integrated masters in Biological Engineering in Técnico, Lisbon where I learned to love bioreactor systems.  I describe myself as a sporty nerd due to my obsession with racket sports, padel being my latest obsession, and with PC building/gaming. If I had three words that best fit me, they would be friendly, ambitious and hard-working.

My Research Interests

My first internship, at SCERG, under the supervision of Prof. Tiago Fernandes aimed to develop bioengineering strategies for periodontal regeneration. From there my interest in cartilage and bone disease and regeneration only grew. Hungry for more knowledge about this area, I did my master’s internship in Bourgine lab, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Paul Bourgine, where skeletal regeneration was its main topic of study. While in this internship I had the opportunity of working with a 3D printed bioreactor as a model to study cell to cell interactions. With my background in bioreactors and wanting to continue to work with them for modelling diseases progression and repair, in particular osteochondral diseases, my path led me to this PhD.

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