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Medetia specializes in the identification of small molecule therapeutics specifically for rare LOF (loss of function) diseases. Medetia is composed of a multidisciplinary team of 7 people, biologists, chemists and pharmacologists and conducts phenotypic tests to both identify new therapeutic targets and transform the first candidate molecules towards their pharmaceutical development. Since 2019, Medetia is conducting two funded research projects in rare ciliopathies. Medetia is moving towards a broader application in ciliary pathologies using its expertise in high content microscopy, drug repurposing and computational design in medicinal chemistry.


Dr Jean-Philippe Annereau

Supervisor of DC10. Dr Annereau is the CEO of Medetia and former site director of Alexion R&D France with extensive expertise in drug development.. He has a proved experience of leading pharma drug discovery projects from the seminal idea up to phase II clinical status. 

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Dr Luis Briseno-Roa

Dr Briseno-Roa is a senior leader, experienced both in a biotech and pharma environment, with excellent track record on delivery, top ranked publications, and skilled for setting and deploying cutting edge technological platforms and operationally run multiple-stakeholders projects. 

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