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Alessia Brancolini

My name is Alessia Brancolini, I am a 24-year old student with a university background in Biotechnology and Medical Biology. Although I have lived for my entire life in Milan, Italy, I love travelling, learning about other cultures and experiencing different ways of living. As a sunny, enthusiastic and spontaneous person, it is not hard for me to get along with everyone, but I usually need some time and confidence to get personal. Horse riding and scuba diving are my favourite sports activities to refresh my mind, while cooking is my favourite hobby to share with my family and friends. 

My Research Interests

My BSc in Biotechnological Research, as well as the MSc degree in Biotechnology and Medical Biology, have given me the opportunity to satisfy my great interest for almost all branches of biological knowledge, ranging between Molecular Cell Biology, Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, Epigenomics and Molecular Virology. This highly diversified background is what allows me to reinforce my natural predisposition to look at the bigger picture of biological phenomena and to think outside the box. However, none of the university courses were fully able to answer the question that drives and reinforces my passion for Science and, in particular, for Biotechnology: “How is this notion relevant?”. Indeed, despite my curiosity for almost all the scientific branches of basic research, what really drives my motivation in pursuing research is the potential clinical application of groundbreaking discoveries in order to provide feasible therapeutic options to severe diseases. Following my view of fundamental biology as the handmaiden of relevant unmet clinical needs, I invested my yearly MSc thesis internship on the study of Extracellular Vesicles as drug delivery systems. For this reason, I am glad to be one of the 12 Doctorate Candidates of the CHANGE Doctoral Network, and in particular to invest my doctoral research in the study of innovative senotherapeutic agents in the context of connective tissue ageing and disease, since this combines my interest in translational health science with  my research experience in the field of Extracellular Vesicles. 

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