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What is CHANGE?

The European Commission has funded CHANGE, a four year Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions training network project involving 15 full and associated partners across Europe, which hopes to make breakthroughs in the understanding treatment of the age-related diseases of connective tissues, which affect millions of people across Europe. Using mouse models, pluripotent stem cells, zebrafish and conventional cell culture systems, the project aims to find the causes of age-related diseases and unhealthy ageing, to understand disease processes, to discover new disease biomarkers and identify targets for treatments. In order to achieve this, CHANGE will employ many cutting edge laboratory techniques combined with extensive knowledge transfer and training activities in order to promote collaborative research and foster the next generation of connective tissue scientists.


CHANGE project studies homeostasis and ageing of:

  • bone

  • articular cartilage

  • growth plate cartilage

  • skeletal muscle

  • smooth muscle

  • vasculature

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As we embark on this exciting scientific journey, our DCs will prepare short articles and soundbites to tell you a little bit more about the tissues that we are studying, age-related diseases and our genes of interest. Watch this space...

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