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Université de Lyon (FR)

The University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (UCBL) is the 5th largest French university, taking into account the number of students. The UCBL student population is nearly 40,000, and it employs 2,900 teachers/researchers and teachers, as well as 1,800 technical and administrative staff. The University has 73 state-funded research units working in three fields; health, environment and material technologies. It is a multidisciplinary university specializing in both fundamental and applied research and as such it can boast more than 4415 internationally published articles and 44 patents per year.


Prof Florence Ruggiero

Supervisor of DC7. Prof Ruggiero is the Director of Research at the CNRS, and a well-recognized international scientist in the field of matrix biology and pathology. She was one of the pioneers in using zebrafish to understand the role of collagens function in development, regeneration and disease. Notably, she generated the first zebrafish model for collagen VI-related myopathy, the col6a1Δex14 zebrafish line that faithfully recapitulates features of Bethlem myopathy.

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Dr Sandrine Breteau

Dr Breteau is an associate-professor at the University of Lyon. She is a neurobiologist with a strong background in the zebrafish model. She works in F. Ruggiero’s group since 2007 and has contributed to the development of the zebrafish model in the team. 

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