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ECTS webinar on bone marrow adipocytes, 17th August 4pm CET

The European Calcified Tissue Society (ECTS) are organising a webinar entitled "Bone, Muscle & Beyond: Bone marrow adipocytes as novel regulators of metabolic homeostasis, immune function, and skeletal health" on the 17th of August at 4pm CET, with live Q&A session with the audience.

The webinar covers the topics below:

  • Bone marrow adipose tissue (BMAT) is a major adipose subtype that is developmentally and functionally distinct from other classes of adipose tissue.

  • BMAT can influence metabolic homeostasis, haematopoiesis and skeletal remodelling, both in normal physiology and in disease settings.

  • BMAT increases or decreases in diverse clinical contexts, including ageing, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes and chronic kidney disease. Current research is now aiming to establish if BMAT directly influences pathogenesis of these diverse disease

To register for the webinar, please click:

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