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The Role of Calcium in Osteoblastogenesis - a webinar by Prof Antonella Forlino, 21st September 4pm

The webinar will address the more recent discoveries of the role of Calcium flux in modulating osteoblastogenesis and bone formation. In vitro and in vivo models, knock out for the endoplasmic reticulum trimeric potassium channel TRIC-B, associated to the recessive OI form type XIV, will be presented and discussed.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn about the generation and characterization of knock out cell lines using CRISPR/Cas

  • Learn about the effect of impaiment of calcium flux through the endoplasmic reticulum in bone forming cells

  • Learn about generation and characterization of knock out zebrafish to investigate OI type XIV

  • Learn about generation and characterization of conditional knock out mice to investigate OI type XIV

Format: Webinar of 45 minute with presentation by Antonella Forlino followed by 15 min discussion.

Joining: Please sign up through the Care4Bones page for the event by indicating “Are you attending: Yes”. If you are not on Care4Bones yet, please join or request the joining instructions from

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