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How can we tackle collagen abnormalities in bone - a webinar by Prof Ruud A. Bank, 21st of March 4pm

Collagen abnormalities in bone pose significant challenges to skeletal health, often resulting in conditions like osteogenesis imperfecta and osteoporosis. Addressing these issues requires a multifaceted approach. Firstly, research into understanding the genetic and molecular mechanisms underlying collagen abnormalities is crucial for targeted interventions. Secondly, developing therapies that promote collagen production and stability, such as specific medications or gene therapies, could help mitigate bone fragility. Additionally, lifestyle factors such as nutrition and exercise play pivotal roles in maintaining bone health and should be emphasized in preventative measures. Moreover, advancing imaging technologies enables early detection and monitoring of collagen-related bone disorders. Collaborative efforts between clinicians, researchers, and pharmaceutical companies are essential for translating scientific discoveries into effective treatments, ultimately improving the quality of life for individuals affected by collagen abnormalities in bone.


Key takeaways

  • Understanding the Molecular Basis:

  • Holistic Approach to Treatment, that integrates pharmacological interventions, lifestyle modifications, and emerging therapies

  • Ideas for collaborative Efforts for Progress


Format: Webinar of 60 minutes with presentation and a facilitated discussion. 

Audience: Everyone interested. See joining instructions. 

Joining: Please sign up through the Care4Bones page for the event by indicating “Are you attending: Yes”. If you are not on Care4Bones yet, please join or request the joining instructions from

About the speaker:Ruud A. Bank received his Ph.D. in 1993 at the Vrije Universiteit (Amsterdam). He started as a postdoc at TNO Quality of Life (Leiden), a non-profit contract research organization, where he investigated the role of the collagen network in connective tissue diseases (osteoarthritis, osteogenesis imperfecta, Bruck syndrome, osteoporosis, fibrosis). In 2006 he obtained a part-time position as professor at the VU Medical Center (Amsterdam). Since 2009 he is a full professor in the field of Matrix Biology and Tissue Repair at the University Medical Center Groningen.

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